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Air Conditioning Engineer Near Me

There might come a moment when your air conditioner starts to make a weird sound or starts giving off unpleasant odours. Such time might be a good time to call an air conditioner engineer near you to check the air conditioner before it incurs further damage, costing you more money.

Why you need an air conditioner engineer

  1. To avoid costly repair: you might think that doing some repairs by yourself is a good way to save money. However, if in the process, you happened to damage something else, the cost of repairing your air conditioner would keep adding up, and at the end of the day, you might need to pay more for repair than you initially ought to
  2. Keep your air conditioner at its optimal efficiency: dust and dirt clogging inside an air conditioner reduce the air conditioner's efficiency.
  3. To lower the cost of running the air conditioner: unmaintained air conditioning would have dirt and dust clogged inside them. When this happens, the air conditioner will use more power to work efficiently, thereby increasing the cost of electricity bill.
  4. Avoid breakdown and expensive repair: not maintaining and regularly servicing your air conditioner can make it break down at the time when you need it the most. An AC that needs to be cleaned might be working just as good as it always had. Getting an air conditioner engineer to check and service your air conditioner could save you from unexpected expenses and expensive repairs.
  5. Keep your warranty: most companies require that an air conditioner should be serviced at least once per year for the warranty on such air conditioner to remain valid.
  6. Have a clean air: the messier your air conditioner is, the dirtier worse the quality of the air it circulates
  7. Increasing the life span of the air conditioner: although spending money on servicing might not look attractive in the short term, however, doing so means that the air conditioner would always be working at a good condition which is good for the longevity of the air conditioner.

How do I know when my air conditioner needs servicing or repair?

Ideally, it is advisable to service your air conditioners at least once a year. 

  1. It is not cooling correctly: when your air conditioner is working, but it is not cooling your room, or it is taking longer than it usually does to cool the room, then you need to call an AC engineer to check it.
  2. Water leakage: if there is water leaking from the air conditioner or you notice water dripping from the ceiling. You should call an engineer, and several reasons might cause this, an ideal reason being that the drain is clogged or the condensation pipe being blocked by the dirt and dust on the air filter.
  3. Limited or insufficient airflow: when the air conditioner is not working efficiently, or there is a blockage in some part of the air conditioner, it may lead to a lousy airflow.
  4. Odour: there are many reasons why the air conditioner might start producing odours. It often happens when the air filter is filled with dirt, and the drain is clogged. The water hangs in the air conditioner, and over time, they start to smell.
  5. Strange noises: strange or unpleasant noises are a big source of distraction to many of us. An air conditioner can start producing weird, squealing, banging or humming sound when a part of the air conditioner is broken, or the fan is malfunctioning.
  6. High electricity bill: if you notice a sudden increase in the amount of power that your air conditioner is consuming, it may be a good hint that you need to pick up your phone and call an air conditioning engineer

If you notice any of the conditions mentioned above, you should immediately call an air conditioning engineer near you to check the air conditioner and maybe even service. Doing so could save you from spending more money on repair if the air conditioner incurs fatal damage.




Air Conditioning Engineer Near Me