When you need air conditioning repair in Covington, LA, you must be thinking of hiring a team of experts to help you. A task of this caliber requires professional tools, precise knowledge of AC systems, and rigorous work ethics. Fortunately, that’s precisely what we enforce at Expert Air. Contact us, and we’ll solve any HVAC-related problems you experience.

The symptoms of a bad AC compressor

Most of the time, the number one reason why an AC system doesn’t work right is a bad compressor. A good telltale sign of a bad compressor is that the AC doesn’t blow cold air anymore. Instead, it blows room temperature air, or even the hot air outside without cooling it one bit. Moreover, if you hear loud noises when you turn on the AC, that’s a sign of a bad compressor.

What you need to do is fix it, though we wouldn’t recommend doing it personally. You don’t have the tools nor the knowledge to repair an AC system. We’ve had many clients who’ve tried that and failed in the end. If you want a thorough assessment and complete repair of your air conditioning unit, contact us, and we’ll be there immediately.

The best HVAC systems on the market

Our company deals with the installation, maintenance, and repairing of HVAC systems. We install air conditioning and heating ventilation systems in residential and commercial buildings. In doing so, we aim to increase your comfort and overall enjoyability. Surely, you could do with a cooler atmosphere in a hot summer.

During the winter, our systems will warm your house thoroughly. You won’t even realize it’s winter outside. The air conditioning repair in Covington, LA, brings the best AC maintenance and repair services in Louisiana. Whenever you experience problems with your HVAC units, count on us to deal with the problem swiftly.

Yearly AC maintenance

While we guarantee our HVAC systems are more resilient than others, with a much lengthier lifespan, external factors might lead to issues. For these potential problems, we’ve devised our maintenance packages. The Winter and Summer Maintenance packages ensure your AC and heating units will work optimally during the winter or summer.

For a year-long maintenance plan, we recommend the Yearly Gold Package that includes both winter and summer seasons. We’ll inspect your HVAC system twice a year, and you can pay monthly with a 10% interest rate, as well. That’ll give you a more flexible payout plan, and more overall comfort.

How to repair the AC?

Simply put, you leave the repairing to the professionals. The air conditioning repair in Covington, LA, makes use of the latest technological advancements, and the vast knowledge of our specialists. We’ve been doing this business for a long time, and we know HVAC systems like the back of our hands.

Allow Expert Air to be your de-facto HVAC maintenance and repair provider, and you’ll thank us later. We’ll ensure your air conditioning unit lives a long-lasting life, during which it’ll serve you accordingly. Nobody wants a faulty AC unit, and that’s what we’re here to address.

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