Air Conditioning Repair San Diego

Is your air conditioning unit working below par? When your cooling unit is faulty, the atmosphere in your home turns hot, uncomfortable, and unbearable. There may also be a drastic increase in your cooling cost. Once you notice these, the best thing is to call on a professional AC repair expert to help fix the issue. For your air conditioning repair in San Diego, CA, always turn to Global Warming & Cooling, Inc.

At Global Warming & Cooling, Inc., we specialize in providing AC services, including installation, repairs, and service. For several years, we have been recognized to provide excellent AC repair services to homes and businesses in San Diego, CA, and surrounding cities. Our trusted experts have the tools and knowledge to fix any issue with all brands of air conditioning units.

What Maintenance Does An Air Conditioner Need?

Regular maintenance of the air conditioner can go a long way in ensuring its optimal efficiency and prolonging its lifetime. The air conditioner should be kept clean at every time, here are some maintenance tips for your AC:

AC Filters: Maintaining the air conditioner filter is one of the most important maintenance tasks that will ensure its efficiency. The filter should be regularly checked and cleaned; if the filters are dirty, it will block the normal flow of clean air. When they become too dirty, consider changing the filters.

Maintenance of The Coils: Evaporator and condenser coil often collect dirt in over some time. If these coils are dirty, it may reduce airflow, thereby causing insulation

Fixing The Fins: The fins of the condenser coil can be easily bent. You can realign this bent by applying gentle pressure form a dinner knife, and you can also get a fine comb to deal with these fins.

Others: Some other AC maintenance includes removal of debris from unit, check the insulation, unclog the condensate drain tube, and so forth.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair An AC Unit?

Over time, AC needs repairs when it starts malfunctioning. When this happens, then you may be thinking of how much it will cost you to get it fixed. The average cost of repairing an AC unit can range from $175 - $300. However, the cost of repairing can vary depending on some factors, and these factors can influence the total cost of your AC repairs:

The Extent of The Damage: The severity of the damage done to any equipment will affect the cost of repairing. If there is major damage with an AC unit, clearly it will cost more to repair.

Age: Average lifespan of an AC unit is about 15 years. If your AC is old and almost used up its lifetime, the cost to repair might be very high. Most times, it is advised to get a new one in this situation.

Timeline and Labor Cost: There is always a specific time when there is high demand for AC repairs. When it is summer, definitely there will be high demand. Labor cost goes higher during this period.

Others: Other factors that can affect the cost are Brand, efficiency, and the AC size.

Turn To Us for Your Air Conditioning Repair in San Diego, CA

Contact us today at Global Warming & Cooling, Inc. to get a quote for your AC repair. Our services are affordable, reliable, and prompt. Within a short period, we will get your AC working at optimal capacity. We guarantee you excellent services.

Air Conditioning Repair San Diego
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