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Are you in need of heating and cooling services in Temecula, California? Global Warming & Cooling is a full-service HVAC company that serves residential and commercial customers in beautiful wine country. Although we have mostly pleasant weather, temperatures can dip down in the winter and get hot and dry in the summer. With these weather patterns, there’s no question that you need a reliable HVAC system to get you through the seasons.

Global Warming & Cooling provides quick heating and cooling repair and replacement services. We are comfortable working on all makes and models of equipment, including American Standard, Carrier, Trane, Lennox, York and Rheem. Let our Factory Authorized and Nate Certified Dealers take care of your HVAC equipment so you can remain comfortable year round.

We Know Cool: Fast, Reliable Air Conditioning Services in Temecula, CA

Temecula summers can be hot and arid so you need a dependable cooling system to keep you comfortable. On average, air conditioning units last for 10-15 years – but this goes quick! Before you know it, you’re dealing with more frequent tune-ups and repairs to keep your system in good condition.

Fortunately, Global Warming & Cooling provides all the services you need to keep your system in good working condition. Our licensed, certified techs have experience with central AC units, ductless systems, commercial systems and evaporative coolers. Here are some of the signs that your air conditioning unit requires your attention:

  • Strange noises. Odd noises coming from your system could indicate a wide range of issues – some serious and some not. Either way, it’s important to get noises like banging, rattling or buzzing looked at to determine the problem. It could be a loose part, leaking refrigerant or an electrical problem.
  • Decreased cooling. Is your air conditioning not keeping your Temecula home or business cool? This means that something is malfunctioning in your system. Let one of our techs take a look and identify the issue. We can probably fix it on the spot – and on the same day!
  • Short cycling. Another issue that AC units experience is short cycling, or turning off and on every few minutes. Without a full cycling job, your home can’t stay cool and energy is wasted. To avoid a full breakdown, give our Temecula air conditioning company a call.

No matter what problems your AC system is facing, count on Global Warming & Cooling to get the job done right. All work is provided by highly trained, experienced technicians who are comfortable servicing all equipment brands.

Fast, Efficient Heater Repairs in Temecula, CA

Winters and evenings can get cold here in Temecula, making a reliable heating system just as important as an air conditioning system. The same licensed, certified technicians that provide service to your AC unit can work on your heating system as well. We can often complete repairs on the same day to ensure comfort in your home or business.

We also like to remind our customers that problems with their heater can be hazardous to their health. A cracked heat exchanger, for example, can allow carbon monoxide to leak out and spread throughout the home. If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak, exit immediately and contact Global Warming & Cooling. We know how to handle these problems quickly and safely.

Some of the signs that you require heating repair in Temecula, CA are:

  • Abnormal smells. When you turn on your furnace for the first time in the fall or winter, you might notice a strange smell, but it should dissipate quickly. Any odors that smell like strong fuel or linger around should be addressed by our techs. These smells could indicate a gas leak or excessive dust.
  • Trouble starting. If your heater has trouble turning on or staying on, damaged wiring or thermostats are probably to blame. With our fully stocked trucks, we can correct most of these problems on the spot.
  • Discolored pilot light. A healthy pilot light is usually blue. If you notice other colors, schedule an inspection right away. The color changes when gases like carbon monoxide don’t dissipate as they should.
  • Inadequate heat. If your Temecula home doesn’t feel as warm and comfortable as it should during the evening, it could be your furnace, your ductwork or both. Global Warming & Cooling can help with both issues.

Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC Equipment

HVAC equipment is an investment which is why our customers often ask how they can extend its lifespan. Fortunately, you can easily do this by scheduling routine inspections and repairs. Global Warming & Cooling offers convenient, affordable maintenance plans that will care for your equipment throughout the seasons.

The benefits of scheduled maintenance include a healthier environment, improved indoor air quality, reduced energy bills and the prevention of costly breakdowns. In fact, research shows that regular HVAC maintenance can reduce unexpected breakdowns by as much as 95%! Plus, you’ll get to know our team and how we always go above and beyond for our customers!

Schedule an Appointment with Our Temecula HVAC Experts

Quality, responsive HVAC services are within reach. When you choose Global Warming & Cooling for your heating and cooling needs, you can expect personalized solutions for your home or business, affordable repairs and maintenance and expertly trained and certified technicians. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and assess the condition of your HVAC equipment in Temecula.

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