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As our homes become more technologically advanced and we come to rely on them far more, power outages can cause extreme inconveniences. Losing power makes it feel as though you have been cut off from the world itself, all devices being rendered useless without an electrical current flowing through it.

For some, it becomes more than just a matter of inconvenience; a power outage can wreak havoc. If you run a home business or have medications that require the cold temperatures that the refrigerator provides, a power outage is not something that you can afford.

What are the solutions to keep the power on during an outage?

Home generators provided by Cannondale Generators will keep you fully operational during a power outage, leaving you unaware of outages unless you look out the window.

A standby generator for your home can be a highly useful item to have. When power is lost, those who go without are at the mercy of the power company; until they get power back up and running, you have to go without.

But with a standby generator, you don't have to keep alert to every update from your company. You can continue with your life as if nothing has changed.

Standby generators keep you functioning normally.

In years past, we have all lost power at some point. And for those who have experienced prolong outages, we know what that means: expensive grocery orders that have gone spoiled, medications being ruined without cold conditions, or sweaty discomfort if the power goes out during the dog days of summer.

With a generator, however, those huge inconveniences will not happen to you. Not only can you keep your food from spoiling, keep essential and expensive medications chilling as they need to be, and air conditioning/heat going to keep you comfortable, but you can rest easy knowing that your security system won't go down, either.

What are the best standby generators for home use?

Though there are various sizes, makes, and power settings, there are three models of silent generators for home use.

The Cummins RS50-208 provides 50 kW of power, the Generac 7035 provides 22 kW of power in a much more compact size, and the Kohler 20RESC delivers 20 kW of power to keep all of your home appliances and electronics running as if nothing ever happened.

Cannondale Generators strives for superior service.

We have installed over 8,200 home generators to families over the last 29 years. We work with each customer or family to plan and assess which home generator will best serve their needs in the event of an outage.

Cannondale Generators will also install your generator, ensuring that it is set up and running correctly before leaving your residence. And should anything happen to your generator that requires maintenance or service, we have 24/7, 365 support to help troubleshoot the issue or we will send out a technician to address the issue.

Don't let your life be interrupted by a power outage. Continue living your life normally with one of the superior generators offered by Cannondale Generators.

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