Quick and Easy HVAC Spring Cleaning Guide: Why and How To

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Spring is here, which means Spring cleaning time. It is never too late if you have not started already. As part of your home cleanup routine, Spring cleaning your heating and cooling systems is important. A new season means it is time to do some maintenance on your HVAC systems. For some it is even more beneficiary because Spring means, allergy season is here. A Spring checkup now is more important as you switch from heating to cooling your home more often. Mold, dust and other airborne materials make their way past filters and hide in your HVAC equipment.

Many people often forget the importance of maintaining your heating and cooling systems. Just the way we need to maintain our vehicles to keep them running in excellent condition and prevent breakdowns, the same goes for your HVAC systems. The lack of maintenance and preventative care will cause your HVAC systems to break down prematurely and the repair cost will be bigger.

Simple ‘Do it Yourself’ quick Check-Up

HVACYou can do a quick simple ‘DIY Spring Cleaning checkup’ to make sure your HVAC is working. A quick checkup includes:

  • Check that your thermostat is working properly
  • Listen for any strange noises
  • Check that air flow is coming out of your vents
  • Check air filters to see if dirty
  • Check your vents to see if dust is coming out from them.
  • Check if you see any oil marks on or below your outdoor Air Conditioner unit

You can also check to see if your system is showing any simple signs it is not working properly with our ‘simple common signs’. 

Simple ‘Do It Yourself’ Clean Up

  • Change or clean your air filter
  • Clean your systems on both indoor and outdoor units
  • Check Thermostat batteries and replace if needed
  • Remove any objects near or on top of outdoor Air Conditioner unit

If you determined that there is dust coming out from your vents, a proper duct cleaning is needed. This will help you breath better in your home. You can also choose to schedule a more thorough maintenance and cleaning checkup with a licensed HVAC professional.