How To Minimize Your AC’s Power Consumption

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Air conditioners happen to be one of the largest consumers of power at home or in the office. Although these devices are great in keeping the room or office conducive for personal and official purposes, one of their major disadvantages lies in their ability to consume a lot of power.

After a successful installation of an air conditioner, it is possible for the total AC’s power consumption to double. As a major air conditioning company in San Diego, Global Warming and Cooling Inc. has received several inquiries from clients on how to minimize the AC’s power consumption while using air conditioners. Due to the large request we have received from our clients, this article was written to address the issue on how to minimize power consumption while using your air conditioner.

In order to know how to minimize the power consumption of Air Conditioners in your homes and offices, here are four things we believe you can do.

Choose the Right Type of AC:

The type of Air conditioner installed determines the AC’s power consumption. A central air conditioning unit is the best option when it comes to cooling more than 2 rooms simultaneously. The central cooling system will be more efficient in this aspect rather than installing different air conditioners for each individual room. We can assist you in making the right choice in choosing the air conditioner that will fit your needs.

Choose the right Size

Only purchase air conditioners that are powerful enough to cool your room. The size of the room is directly proportional to the size of air conditioner needed and inversely proportional to the power consumption. The bigger the AC, the lower the power consumption since the smaller ACs will have to work twice as much before keeping the room cool enough. Purchase only air conditioners that are large enough to cool your room or offices. You can visit our blog for information on how to choose the best air conditioners for your homes and offices.

Use Energy Efficient models:

Based on energy consumption, Air Conditioners are generally graded in stars. Those having a 5-star grading tend to be more energy efficient than those with a 4-star grading. Purchasing an AC with a 5-star rating will help you save energy.

Minimize energy consumption by Using Fans along with AC’s:

It is true that an AC consumes 25 times much more electricity than a table or ceiling fan. You can save energy by using fans to complement the work of the ACs most especially during the summer heat. The fan will assist in circulating the cool air more easily thus enabling you to set the thermostat temperature to a higher degree. This tends to lower your energy consumption. For details on how to choose the best fans, please contact our customer support.

Need more information on how to chose the right AC and help minimize power consumption?

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