Why You Should Schedule An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Regularly

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Why do you need to schedule an air conditioning tune-up regularly? Just like many other machines and equipment you have in your home or place of work, the air conditioner, also needs regular maintenance and service. It is the only way to keep it functioning efficiently. Most people find themselves paying more because they overlook the need for regular service that every unit requires. Most people are not aware that these cooling systems need regular tune-up service. They often do not learn this fact until their system has broken down. Not only will your air conditioner break down, but it poses health risks that are associated with poor air quality when your system is not installed or maintained correctly. Research shows that you tend to keep up to 96% of your original air conditioner efficiency with regular maintenance. In addition, a unit working at its full capacity, will control humidity and maximize the cooling available while keeping your home more comfortable. This is why you should schedule for regular tune-ups.

The following reasons why you schedule an air conditioning tune-up regular.

Energy Efficiency

There are energy star units that help save energy, but what if you don’t have one of those. Maintaining your unit can help save on energy until you decided to upgrade your unit. Your air conditioner tends to use less energy to operate when it is well-maintained. To keep it operating efficiently scheduling regular tune-ups will help. Regular tune-ups will reduce energy usage by up to 15% and ensure that your air conditioner air flows smoothly through the system.

Prolong the Life of the Unit

Due to the usage of your air conditioner, coils and fins can get coated with dust and debris. This will impede airflow, overwork the unit and cause more wear and tear. When you service your air conditioner regularly, you will get proper airflow and improve its efficiency.

Avoids costly repairs with regular air conditioner servicing

Your unit is just like a car. The more you maintain your car, the less likely you are to have to repair or replace parts. Your air conditioner might end up building up dirt, dust, and grime, causing the growth of bacteria and mold. Not only is this bad for your health but will affect the functionality and efficiency. You can avoid this situation of expensive repairs or replacements of parts when you service regularly.

Lower Utility Bills

Poorly maintained systems can use 20 percent more energy to operate, and having the proper refrigerant levels improve efficiency. For example, dirty filters cause your system to work harder to circulate air. This increases your energy bill because it is working harder to remove heat from your home and or office.

Provides better air quality

You will be breathing in air that is not of the highest quality if the air filters in your air conditioner are dirty. If your ducts are dirty, the air quality filtering in the air will also affect your health. If your air conditioner leaks refrigerant, it can be harmful to your health. This is why you need to schedule regular air conditioner servicing to avoid this happening.

Schedule A Tune-up Service today.

The air conditioner has become an essential part of our lives. It helps make us comfortable in extreme weather conditions. This is why regular maintenance is very important. Schedule a tune-up service with a licensed HVAC professional today. You can also check out air conditioning check up 101 for more details.