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Even if you have the best HVAC equipment in your building, maximum comfort will only be achieved with clean, efficient ductwork. Global Warming & Cooling has the necessary training and experience to install and service commercial air ducts. With our specialized services, we’ll make sure that hot or cold air is moving freely through your building, keeping employees and customers comfortable. Moreover, we’ll ensure your ducts are clean, creating a healthier workplace for the people who matter most.

Installing or Upgrading Your Ductwork

San Diego is a busy area, and many businesses run 24 hours a day. This takes a toll on HVAC equipment and ductwork, especially during the hot spring and summer months. To ensure your systems are functioning optimally, they need regular attention. But, as we mentioned before, your building can only be as comfortable as the ductwork allows.

If you need new ductwork installation in your San Diego business, here are your options.

  • New equipment installation. The best time to create a ductwork system is when the building is being designed or renovated. This way, the ductwork can be correctly sized to fit properly within the building. Newly installed ductwork can also be properly sealed with the latest materials.
  • Replacement or upgrade. There may come a time when your building needs to replace or upgrade the ductwork. For example, larger ducts improve airflow and smaller air ducts conserve energy. During this time, qualified technicians can also check for broken seals, damage and other problems.

Common Problems Seen in Commercial Ductwork

Commercial properties have unique needs because of their size and complexity. To make matters more confusing, property managers can’t see the ductwork so it’s often overlooked. If you’ve addressed HVAC concerns and are still having trouble maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature in your building, it’s possible that the ductwork is to blame.

Here are some common issues we see with commercial air ducts.

  • Bad connections
  • Improper insulation
  • Dirty ducts
  • Poor design
  • Poorly sealed registers and grills
  • Holes from rips, tears and kinks

Complications of Ignored Duct Problems

For many businesses, the air ducts are the least of their worries. But, just because the air ducts are out of sight does not mean they should be out of mind. By paying attention to your commercial duct system, you can catch small problems before they become, expensive ones. You’ll also feel good knowing that your entire HVAC system is functioning optimally, saving your business money and lowering your carbon footprint.

Below are some complications that could happen if you ignore duct problems.

  • High utility costs
  • Wasted energy
  • Poor humidity control
  • Reduced indoor air quality
  • Decreased indoor comfort
  • Lack of airflow

Whether it’s a lack of airflow, high utility bills or poor indoor comfort, it’s possible that your ductwork is to blame. Contact Global Warming & Cooling for a free onsite estimate for duct cleaning, repair or maintenance. Our licensed technicians will handle all of your needs for an affordable cost.

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