Dryer Vent Clean!


Global Warming & Cooling also offers a Dryer vent cleaning.

The benefits of regularly cleaning your dryer  have recently been publicized.  Many of us have simply taken the “out of sight, out of mind” approach to maintenance of the appliance that consumes the secound most energy in our home, as well as the most common source of house fires. However, here are some facts:

There are nearly 16,000 fires annually caused by dirty dryer vents

  • A clean dryer/vent can save $20 – $30 per month in reduced energy costs
  • Dryers work less when clean, lengthening the life of the dryer
  • Drying time is reduced
  • Clothes last longer since they spend less time tumbling in the dryer


The bottom line is that having your dryer vent professionally cleaned regularly is one of the very few services that more than pays for itself! It also is a great insurance. 

Therefore, prevent fires from happening and protect you assist.

Call us for a professional cleaning today!!

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