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Consumer Tips – How to make sure your HVAC System is running properly

Warning Signs

The following warning signs may indicate your HVAC unit has experienced a loss of productivity:

Dirty evaporator coils, condenser coils and filters can reduce the performance of your system, costing you more energy dollars and decreasing the life expectancy of the unit.

An improper charge can damage the compressor in your air conditioner, increasing your electric energy costs while reducing system efficiency and the overall life-span of your equipment.

Dirty blower components produce inadequate airflow resulting in system efficiency losses and increased operating costs.

Clogged condensation drains can cause water damage and affect indoor humidity levels.

Check It Out

Regular Tune Up should be performed, I suggest two times a year (cooling season and heating season). Checks consist of:

• Check for refrigerant leaks and proper refrigerant levels on the high and low pressure sides.

• Check suction pipe insulation.

• Check up Lubricate fan motors and bearings.

• Check fan blades for damage.

• Check belts, if any, for wear and proper tension.

• Properly seal supply and return duct leaks.

• Check all wiring, electrical connections, contactors, capacitors, relays, etc. for wear, cleanliness and proper operation.  Checking Amp draws of motor.

• Check thermostat for proper operation and calibration.

• Check air filter for proper size and cleanliness. Replace if necessary.

• Check evaporator coil and clean if needed. (If applicable).

• Check condensate pan and drain and clean.

• Check for the proper temperature difference between the supply and return air.

• For heat pumps, check for proper operation of the reversing valve.


• Check safety controls, combustion blower, fan cycling and adjust if needed.

• Check heat exchanger.

• Check standing pilots or electronic ignition controls for proper operation.

• Analyze flue gasses for proper combustion. Adjust burners if necessary.

• Check gas line, flue pipe and combustion air intake vent for leaks.  Check CO2

• Check temperature rise, amp draw and electrical connections on heating elements.

Bottom Line

Providing regular HVAC system maintenance not only helps to ensure that equipment is operating correctly but it also serves to help maintain unit performance and system efficiency as well as prolongs unit life expectancy.

To schedule a Tune up to make sure your HVAC system is running properly, contact Global Warming & Cooling at 858-863-8461.


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