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We, at Global Warming & Cooling Inc., are one of the most sought-after companies that provide services related to HVAC in San Diego area. Our clients keep coming back and referring us to their family and friends because apart from ensuring outstanding customer satisfaction we also make sure that our technology and services are friendly to the environment. Our owner founded the business because of his passion for HVAC and all our works communicate this fervor.

What are the Most Common Services Offered by an HVAC Company?

Companies that offer services related to HVAC in San Diego and elsewhere usually provide the following services to their clients:

  • Installation, repair, or maintenance of air conditioning systems
  • Ductwork inspection and repair for better efficiency
  • Installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance of all types of heating systems
  • Upgrading or replacement of non-functioning or obsolete HVAC systems
  • Installation of a programmable thermostat to readily adjust the heating or cooling according to the client’s desired setting
  • Provision of high-quality indoor air-quality products to prevent poor indoor air quality

Why Should I Choose a Family-Owned HVAC Business?

If you have a choice between a family-owned or a large corporate entity that provides HVAC services, it may be better to choose the former for the following reasons:

  • Attention to Detail. A majority of family businesses are founded primarily because of interest and passion rather than just making a profit. Businesses fueled by love and passion to the craft will value excellence above all else. A family-owned HVAC business then will care more about the nitty-gritty of every service which will result in outstanding work.
  • Family-Like Treatment. An HVAC company run by a family fully understands how you feel when strangers enter your home to carry out installation, repair, or maintenance services. This is why you can be assured that every team member will treat your property with respect and that only people who can be trusted will enter your home.
  • When you rely on family-owned business, you can readily talk to the owner without having to go to several “levels”. If you have questions or if you want to ask for guarantees or discounts, you can talk directly to the person who can answer your question. You will generally be treated like royalty because every member of the business acknowledges that you and your satisfaction are vital to our existence.
  • Overall Experience. You get more value for your money when you choose a family-owned HVAC company. Apart from receiving impeccable customer service, you will also experience high-quality work since a family-run business cares a lot about their reputation and credibility.

Global Warming & Cooling Inc. is a family-owned HVAC business committed to treating every customer like a family member. As one of us, we will ensure that the quality of work we do in your home or workplace will be something we will take pride in. For any type of HVAC services that you need, call us at Global Warming & Cooling Inc. and experience warm and diligent service from start to end.

Hvac San Diego
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