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As the hottest month of the year makes its appearance in Arkansas, scheduling a Rogers HVAC diagnostic of your unit can be a life-changing decision. 

Luckily for you, you’ve reached the single greatest AC installation company in Rogers. Just keep reading to find out how we make our magic when it comes to achieving that ideal temperature during the summer.

Air conditioners often have failures of various types, and although in many cases they are easy to solve, in other cases can cause loss of equipment. In this article, we share a list of the main problems that occur in residential air conditioning equipment after making the diagnosis, as well as their most common solutions.

Diagnosing a malfunctioning HVAC unit

Before starting any kind of diagnosis, it is essential for the AC conditioning service company to take the following precautionary measures:

  • Turn off the power supply and remove the plug from the equipment; otherwise, an electric shock may arise.
  • Never get the indoor or outdoor unit wet for cleaning, as liquids will damage the equipment.
  • Always wipe the units with a soft, dry cloth or slightly dampened with water only.

If the unit is not cooling as it should be, and before thinking about the probable failures of the equipment, the first thing to do is to verify that the doors and windows are tightly closed, that the appliance is on, and check that the filters are in optimal hygienic conditions. 

Once these points have been checked, any possible cause should be analyzed by a heating and air conditioning agency in Rogers in order to provide the client with a solution. Let’s dive in on the most common reasons and the solutions for each problem our team will deploy:

Problems and plausible solutions from our Rogers AC installation experts

Unit lacking gas

The equipment may have a leak in the motor or the unit simply has not been recharged for some time.

  • Solution: 
    • The expert team will look for any leaks and then perform a refrigerant recharge.

The compressor is “hot”

When the air conditioner does not cool, it is common that the compressor is cold instead of emitting hot air as it should, since in normal function the evaporator cools and the compressor emits very hot air.

  • Solution. 
    • Our team will find the leak and weld the hole that caused the gas to escape. Then, the gas charge will be in order. It should be noted that any equipment with several years in operation probably has R-22 refrigerant, which should be withdrawn from the market because it damages the environment. If the equipment has R-22, it should be replaced by R-410-A.

Compressor failure 

The unit’s compressor does not make any sound. Probably due to the power supply not delivering enough energy

  • Solutions:
    • Check if the appliance is plugged in and if the voltage at the outlet is correct 120 V ± 10% (108 V ~ 132 V).
    • If the line to which the appliance is connected is overloaded, remove other electrical loads from the circuit and verify
    • Check wiring
    • Check thermostat
    • Check defrost timer (if applicable). Contacts should open and close according to the action of the corresponding manual rotation.
    • Check condition and specifications of compressor thermal protector start relay, start capacitor and run capacitor (if applicable).

Improper electrical connections

Common problems include wires not being inserted far enough into the socket, faulty refrigerant interconnections, poor tubing conditions, over-tightened connections, and tight or too-tight line routing.

  • Solution. 
    • Disconnect the wires and redo the installation properly.

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