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Are you aware of spot cooling and how it can help your Los Angeles or San Diego facility run more efficiently?

Spot cooling is a process used to remove heat from specific areas in a building. The heat is drawn out through small, self-contained air conditioner units. These units are an excellent alternative for situations where you can’t install a traditional air conditioning system. They can also be moved from one location to the next, making them highly versatile for all types of applications.

Below you’ll find more information about spot cooling, how it works and the types of facilities that benefit most from these units. If you have additional questions or are ready to purchase your own spot coolers, contact Global Warming and Cooling today! We proudly serve Los Angeles and San Diego businesses.

What is Spot Cooling? How Does it Work?

Spot coolers are portable AC units that remove heat from a room to keep it cool and comfortable. They contain all the normal parts and components of a traditional AC unit but in a compact and maneuverable package.

Spot coolers work by drawing in air through the return, which passes over a closed-loop coil containing refrigerant. This reduces the temperature and humidity in the air, allowing for greater indoor comfort. The cold air is then pumped back into the room through the supply.

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Where Can Spot Coolers Be Used?
Spot coolers can be used for a variety of applications, on a temporary or permanent basis. Here are some of the most common applications that benefit from spot coolers:

  • Computer server rooms
  • Data center locations
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Retail and restaurants
  • Temporary cooling from failed AC units
  • TV and movie production sets
  • Home Health
  • Any other areas that need “cool zones”

What are the Benefits of Spot Cooling?

There are many advantages to using spot coolers in your Los Angeles or San Diego facility. Feedback from our clients praises the portability of these units, as well as their adjustable components. This allows you to target areas that need cooling the most, such as in a data center or server room. These areas get hot quickly and can put your equipment at risk for malfunction or permanent failure. To protect your equipment and ensure optimal performance, you can use spot cooling.

Here are some benefits to these portable AC units:

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Adjustable components
  • User-friendly operation
  • Portable – can be moved from one area to the next
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly – great for businesses who want to follow a “green initiative”
  • Easy to maintain

Where Can I Get Spot Cooling Service?

Global Warming and Cooling offers fast, reliable spot cooling services for Los Angeles and San Diego businesses. You can expect a high quality of service from our licensed, certified technicians, including around-the-clock appointments for last minute needs. We have flexible scheduling, reasonable rates and honest, transparent work. If you’re interested in installing spot coolers in one of your locations, contact us today to discuss your options and get an estimate.

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