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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are a vital part of any home or businesses, and it can be scary when they don’t work how they should. Not many people know how to fix an HVAC system, so it usually requires hiring someone when something goes wrong. Having a stranger come out to fix such an important problem can seem intimidating, but there is an HVAC company in San Diego that understands this worry. Global Warming and Cooling Inc. wants all of their clients to feel like family and comfortable inviting them into their home. In addition, they take people through the process, explaining details about the service they are providing.

What Problems Can Arise in an HVAC Unit?

There are numerous HVAC issues that can arise, many of which will become worse if not serviced in a timely manner. While there are several potential problems, some are more common than others. No matter the issue, Global Warming and Cooling is determined to get it fixed.

Maintenance and Dirt

HVAC systems should be well maintained and cleaned regularly, and neglecting these may lead to major problems down the road. Replacing filters is an easy way to keep them clean, as dirty filters may overwork the unit because getting air to circulate will take more work. This lack of proper circulation might even cause some discomfort for those in the house. However, maintenance should be done by a professional, such as Global Warming and Cooling. Failing to take this precaution could cost thousands of dollars.

Wear and Tear

HVAC units rely on many mechanical components in order to work correctly, and these components are bound to experience wear and tear over time. This could lead to overheating, problems with airflow, and more. While normal wear and tear may be hard to prevent, having regular maintenance done is a good way to make sure it doesn’t cause any big problems.

Leaking Water

Air conditioners and furnaces both will produce condensation when in use, and this water is meant to drain through pipes. A cracked or clogged pipe will keep the water from draining and can lead to leaks. If a leak does occur, a professional company such as Global Warming and Cooling will have to come out to fix it. However, there are ways to keep the pipes clean, sometimes by pouring bleach down them, which can prevent this issue.

What HVAC Services Are Available?

Global Warming and Cooling Inc. offers a range of services including, air conditioning, ductwork, furnace service, air quality services, and ductless service work. While many homes have traditional HVAC units, which Global Warming and Cooling can work on, other houses aren’t able to support those systems. For these houses, ductless systems are an option. Instead of using ducts, units are placed throughout the house to deliver hot and cold air. Global Warming and Cooling has experience working on many of these systems, even though they tend to be easy to maintain.

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